Our Story


Two friends started with an idea of developing a watch company, bringing you the watch you deserve at the price you deserve. We created this company because we realize many people can't go buy a $500+ watch and we were tired of seeing these fast fashion watch companies sell a cheap $3 watch and a $0.25 watch box for $150 (and only to see the watch fail 6 months later). We wanted to truly create a watch people deserve, at a price they deserve. We said to ourselves ‘bet we can create a better quality watch/watch box and sell it at an even lower price’. At NOTU, we accomplished that. 

Everything from the watch box to the watch itself was done with pride along with sticking to our core value of giving our customers more than what they are paying for. Giving them that ‘YES!’ moment when they open the package to see a quality/stylish watch box and watch. If we wouldn't put them on our wrist, we wouldn't put them on yours!

In regards to our name, it was important to the both of us that when someone put our watch on they looked good and felt good. So important that we wanted to brand out a word encompassing that goal.

That goal has been accomplished using one Old English word,


 NOTU; meaning use, enjoyment, advantage. 

 We hope you enjoy our watches as much as we have enjoyed making them for you. 

Please follow our journey on Instagram @notuwatches 

David & Patrick | Co-Founders